West Indian Day 2018

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April 1, 2019
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August 29, 2018

Heritage Amplified

Fortell Communications curated an adidas customization lab that would be the epicenter for the weekend of festivities.

Adidas distinguishes itself as a brand home to creators, known for bridging the lifestyle that exist between music, art and sport cultures, Adidas is no stranger to narrating cultural events that bring people together for shared enjoyment. With the West Indian culture celebrating its largest attended US event over Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn, NY by way of the West Indian Day parade and its accompanying weekend long festivities that precede it and host just over 2 Million people, mainly of Caribbean descent, the stage was literally and figuratively set for a collaborative venture unlike any experienced before to amplify a West Indian culture that is embraced and celebrated worldwide.

With a proven track record of authentically expressing varied cultures artfully, organically and most importantly respectfully, the brand of 3 stripes, Adidas sought out Fortell Communications to produce an activation that would honor the rich heritage of those of West Indian descent inclusive of the distinct sounds, vibrant colors, contagious energy, abundant creativity and of course energetic talent.

With a clear vision of introducing customizable fashion for a unique cultural expression experience that would be highly shareable and also distinctly personal, Fortell Communications curated an adidas customization lab that would be the epicenter for the weekend of festivities.

This lab would be the consumer’s contribution to a story-like setting constructed for the weekend. Complete with heat press machines and airbrush capabilities, each consumer had a plethora of options for truly creating a unique takeaway that could be enjoyed over and over again.

The sounds of the weekend long festivities were a carefully selected mix of West Indian talents inclusive of the deejaying from DJ Natural Freaks, widely respected Steel Panist Iman Pascall and Kareem Thompson and a festival finale closing performance from top Soca artist Lyrikal.

Inclusive of a walk of flags footpath that artfully and seamlessly integrated Adidas and the national flags of the Caribbean countries, high visibility focal point store windows aesthetic that invited passerbys and cultural décor that engulfed you in the spirit of the festive weekend, Fortell Communications transformed the WOODstack host partner site into the most stylish expression of Caribbean Culture leading up to the annual parade through Brooklyn.




Sept. 1 – Sept. 3, 2018


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