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Revitalized Heritage.

American history is rich with chapters that inspire us no matter how far ago they actually occurred, one such chapter is that of the iconic Harlem Renaissance period spanning 1918-1937. When HarlemRenaissance.com @harlemrenaissance100 sought Fortell Communications to share their brand story and ID, we took to it with particular care and creative intricacy.

From a careful and intentional weaving of the heritage of the Harlem Renaissance era with contemporary cultural influences that excite and capture the interest of today’s youth, the narrative and brand ID for HarlemRenaissance.com was one that should be inviting, informative, energy evoking and timeless as a trusted resource to capture the brands mission to design, curate and elevate product based stories inspired by the 100 year year anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance.

It was the distinguishable inspiration of Renaissance era that guided the curation experience for HarlemRenaissance.com debut collection with G-Star. A setting steeped in history and proven in amplifying stories was the requisite and with The Harlem Renaissance being the first recognized period in U.S. history where the intellect, musical talents, enterprising savvy and artistic abilities were displayed, broadly appreciated and even elevated in mass both publicly and more importantly proudly, the ideal partner to help narrate this moment lied in one of the cultural epicenters of NYC, the Brooklyn Museum.

With a 1919 Ford T-Model as the welcome mat, gin anchored refreshments that spew the speakeasy energy synonymous with the roaring 20’s, the spirit and works of the icons of the era filling the space from Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes to the photography of James Van Der Zee and the sounds of Duke Ellington remixed for the ear of classic hip hop and pop culture.

From it’s signature orange colored brand ID, unmistakable brand mark and tone that inspires and bridges generations and cultural backgrounds to incite progressive conversation, HarlemRenaissance.com has a unique place as a storyteller of American heritage.




December 2018


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